Our 6 WEEK fitness & nutrition challenge that is laser focused on rapid transformation for the everyday person IS BACK! Isn’t it time to take care of YOU?
The 4th Annual Biggest Winner Starts April 20th, 2017 at our St. Albert Location. Don't Miss Your Chance to Join Our Most Popular Event!
Registration CLOSES In:
Past Winning Teams Have Lost 50+ lbs in Just 6 Weeks!
Are You Next?
Our 2016 Winning Team lost 52.5 pounds &  32 inches off their chest, waist + hips
Our 2015 Winning Team lost 50.2 pounds & 34 inches off their chest, waist + hips
Our 2014 Winning Team lost 53.2 pounds &  38 inches off their chest, waist + hips
We Will Give You the Correct Tools to Change Your Body and Your Life... If You're Ready
Do you find typical gyms intimidating and need the motivation, accountability, and guidance from a team that can make you finally feel comfortable and "at home" in a fitness facility?

Would you love to regain long, lost confidence that's been holding you back since work, kids, or just general busy life has taken over? To feel attractive again? To feel strong again? To gain your old school energy back again? AND to feel like nothing can hold you back this time around?

You've tried on your own with little success.

And it's not your fault.

So many people try to exercise on their own but lack the "know-how" and guidance when going to a gym. How do you get started? What exercises help you burn fat? How do you use different types of equipment to get serious results but not get hurt?

... AND then there is the nutrition component. Did you know many people actually gain weight when they start working out because they are not following a nutrition plan designed to get results? That can mean hours of hard work in the gym going down the drain. Wasted... But with all of the quick fixes, diets, self-proclaimed internet gurus and conflicting information out there how do you know what WILL get you results?

No wonder it can be so hard to make changes... you are not alone.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution.
St. Albert's Biggest Winner – 6 Week Challenge
Our Biggest Winner Challenge combines 6 weeks of personal training with nutritional coaching in the form of "Done-For-You", easy to follow, meal plans and recipes to get you into a healthy routine FAST.

Challengers routinely lose on average 8-16+ lbs, lose inches, drop pant sizes, gain energy and find themselves inspired to keep going after and strive for big health and fitness changes... all in only 6 WEEKS. 

Over 80% of the people that have joined us in past years for the Biggest Winner are still training with us today on an ongoing basis and have reached better results than they ever thought possible. They took a chance on themselves and their health and have seen the results come back tenfold! If you are ready to really make a change for life... this is the first step. 

Imagine yourself taking charge of your health and fitness this spring and going into the summer feeling amazing. You have lost weight, are wearing a smaller pant size, you feel energetic, and are motivated to keep right on going after with your training to keep seeing your best results!

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to try us out risk-free and experience the best of our individualized training and nutrition programs that we use every day in our facility that help hundreds of members achieve life changing results. We provide you with the effective coaching and accountability you'll need; which is the #1 thing most people lack when struggling to stick with a fitness program and see results.

The best part of the St.Albert Biggest Winner, it’s a team competition! Teams of 4 people will take on the challenge and the team that has the biggest transformation at the end of the 6 weeks wins the GRAND PRIZE of $1000. Your team members will support your journey and cheer you on to the finish line!

You will be a part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals that will help and support each other throughout the challenge. Believe it, there is power in not doing this alone! If you register with your own team of 4 - or part of a team (2 or 3) - great! If not, don't worry we are great at pairing you with other like-minded participants that will be in your corner for the full 6 weeks! 

Who is Movimento Fitness?
We have been in business in St. Albert since 2010 and have helped 100s of everyday people just like you get back into a fitness routine (or start one for the first time), improve their health, ditch the diet roller coster, and commit to a healthier lifestyle longterm. We are proud to be the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce 2016 Small Business Of The Year With Distinction. As a family owned business we want to welcome you into our 'fitness family' - our community of amazing members committed to becoming fitter and healthier versions of themselves one step at a time!
We are not gym... we are a private training facility where every time you walk through our doors your are working with one of our certified and experienced trainers. Every minute you are in our facility you are effectively working towards your goals... no more guessing what to do! 

We lay out the proven plan, all you have to do is show up and follow it! It's how so many of our members now have success stories... they trusted us and we delivered!
What to Expect
  • Results - If you give your workouts your all, and follow the nutrition plan as outlined, you will lose inches and fat FAST. All you have to do is get to work and follow the plan! 
  • No Gimmicks - This isn't a crash diet, and there are no gimmicks! Our nutrition plans and recipes are based on whole food choices that are great for the whole family. 
  • Easy to Follow Nutrition Plans - Recipes and meal plans are simple, easy to follow, fast, and tasty making it easy to be successful. Plus, you can keep using the recipes after the challenge is done! They are yours to keep!
  • Effective Exercise Training- Our training programs will get you maximum results in less time. No need to be spending hours in the gym each day to see serious results! 
  • And So Much More - Decrease your stress, learn lasting healthy habits, increase your energy levels and gain confidence all while having the support from an amazing community of people striving to improve their health! 
Past Challengers Have Seen Huge Results in Just 6 Weeks!
Vince lost 25 lbs
 Maureen lost 18 lbs
Christine lost 18.4 lbs
 Brad lost 36.6 lbs
Natasha lost 15.6 lbs
Amanda lost 20.3 lbs
Chris lost 20.1 lbs
 Ellen lost 14.25" overall
Are You Ready to Be One of This Year's Awesome Transformations?
It's All Included!
We Are Giving You All of the Tools to Make Massive Change:
Personal training for 6 Weeks 
Our expert training programs are designed for your needs and led by our professional coaches. No guessing what to do, we are here by your side every step of the way to make sure you are getting all of the benefits out of every exercise. You can choose between 2 options (outlined below), our Semi-Private Personal Training or Large Group Training Program. ($630 value)
Biggest Winner Challenge Transformation Kit including 6 weeks of Done-For-You meal plans, recipes, home workouts & MORE! 
You’ll have all of the information you need to be successful at your fingertips. We are making it CRAZY SIMPLE to follow our plans, know what to eat, and see your body change. This is an actionable, step-by-step printed guide on how you can achieve your health & fitness goals fast! Recipes and plans are tasty, family friendly, and easy to prepare with tons options provided for each week of the challenge!  ($275 Value)
Unmatched support and guidance
The best part of the St.Albert Biggest Winner, it’s a team competition! All participants will be in teams of 4 people. Throughout the challenge, our coaches and your team will be there to support and motivate you to the finish line. Through the in-person events, training sessions, and our private VIP members only forum you are only seconds away from the support you need to succeed! There is power in not doing this alone! (Priceless)  
***You may register with a full team of 4, or with a friend, or as an individual and we will match you up with other friendly teammates with similar goals! You do not have to train at the same time or in the same training option as your teamates*** 
Weigh-in's, measurements, before & after pictures, accountability check-in's, and weekly nutrition guidance
We will hold you VERY accountable to achieving your best throughout the challenge and you will be able to see the progress and changes you have made! ($87 Value)
Kick-Off Event, Wrap-Up Event, and $1000 grand prize
Our kick-off event on Thursday, April 20th at 7:30pm will get you energized to make a change and we will give you the tools you need to succeed! We will wrap up the challenge on Saturday, June 3rd with a fun event and awards ceremony where the winning team takes home the $1000 GRAND PRIZE! (You could win $ back!) 
Total Value is $992 BUT You Won’t Pay Anywhere Close to That!

Choose From the 2 NEW MEMBER ONLY Special Package Options Below:
+ gst
  • New Member Package
  • 3X Per Week Personal Training for 6 Weeks (18 sessions)
    + everything listed above is included
  • Individual Training Programs Designed Specifically for Your Goals & Fitness Level
  • 1 Coach Per Every 3 Participants
  • Lots of Individual Attention and Guidance
  • Scheduling Flexibility with Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Sessions Available
  • Maximum Accountability 
  • Maximum Support, Guidance & Coaching
Spots are limited and we're not just saying that.
We sell out every year FAST. Register today to avoid missing out! Once spots are gone they are GONE until next year!

Registration Deadline is April 7th at Midnight
If you are NEW to Movimento click the button below to register. If you are already a CURRENT Movimento member please register in the studio at the front desk.
Our Risk Free Guarantee
We are so confident in our coaching that if you complete all of the required fitness and nutritional requirements of the challenge and do not lose pounds or inches during the 6 weeks we will refund 100% of your registration fee. Simple as that.
Krystal lost 13.3 lbs
Louise lost 13.8 lbs
Nancy lost 13 lbs
Ray lost 10 lbs
Judy lost 15.9 lbs
Karyna lost 18.7 lbs
Kindra lost 11.4 lbs
 Kristine lost 18.7 lbs
Where are we located?
#270, 16 Renault Crescent, St. Albert, AB

We are just minutes from the Hole's Enjoy Center and just off the Anthony Henday. Easy access from St. Albert, North Edmonton, and West Edmonton.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the important dates of the challenge?
Kick-off event: Thursday April 20th at 7:30pm
Wrap up event: Saturday June 3rd at 10:00am
Training sessions: Your 3X per week training, 18 sessions total, will be booked between Monday April 24th and Friday June 2nd. You have a few days between the kickoff and when the 6 weeks of the challenge starts to grocery shop and get ready to go!
What happens if I want to keep going after the challenge?
Many of our challenge participants choose to continue training after the challenge and become full Movimento Fitness members. During your final week of the challenge we'll have some exclusive challenge member only deals for our ongoing training/nutrition packages and we would be more than happy to help you continue right on going towards reaching all of your health and fitness goals!
What if I will be away during the challenge?
It is important that you are able to complete all 18 of your training sessions between Monday April 24th and Friday June 2nd. We recommend that you train 3X each week but we can compress some of those sessions should you be away for a few days (example 2 sessions 1 week, 4 the next). However, if you are away for multiple weeks during the challenge it may be very difficult for you to complete the requirements and see the results you desire. No sessions are held over past Friday June 2nd, and there will be no opportunity to make-up sessions once the challenge is finished. 

It is strongly recommended that you are able to attend the Kick-Off Event on April 20th. If you are unable to attend you must contact us to make alternate arrangements to ensure you are prepared to start the challenge. 
What if I have done a Movimento Challenge before? Can I do it again?
The packages above are special NEW MEMBER ONLY package prices. Since we have very limited spots available this year you must be a brand new member to Movimento Fitness claim one of these spots. 

If you are a CURRENT Movimento Member on one of our regular training packages you CAN absolutely participate again and all of the meal plans and recipes are always BRAND NEW! You get special member price so make sure you check out the details in your email/in the studio! 
Do I have to register with a team?
No! If you register alone or with less than full team of 4 that is completely okay! We will pair you with other awesome teammates with similar goals. Past participants LOVE the challenge format and have found meeting new people on their team is very motivating! Teams are made up of people ALL shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Winning teams are decided based on % lost of each individual's original weight. Your team mates do not have to train at the same time as you and can be in the group or semi-private training option. 
What are the available times for Personal Training sessions?
Our hours for Personal Training are:
Monday to Thursday 5:45am to 8pm
Friday 5:45am to 7pm
Saturday 9:30am to 11:30am

We have sessions starting almost every 1/2 hour during the times above and you have the flexibility to book different times on different days. Please allow yourself 45-50 minutes for each training session. Please note: preferred session times are first come first serve and will be awarded in the order that you register for the challenge. Register NOW to get your preferred times! 
What if I haven't worked out in a long time?
That is OKAY! We work with many members just like you who may be new to training or have not been doing physical activity in some time. Our individual attention and program design ensure that you are working towards YOUR goals, at YOUR own personal fitness level, and keeping you injury free while getting the motivation you need. You are never in "competition" with any other members and it is one of our top priorities to create a non-intimidating environment in our facility. 
Am I required to purchase pre-made meals, or follow a crazy restrictive diet?
No! Our nutrition plans and recipes focus on whole foods, prepared at home, that are friendly for the entire family. You will be eating a good variety of foods and eating healthy portion sizes to support your increased exercise volume. No gimmicks or starvation diets here!
I have other questions not answered here...
We would love to answer any other questions that you have! Please give us a call at 780-459-6684 and we would be glad to help you out!
Tara lost 8.5 lbs
Sherri lost 16.7 lbs
Shelley lost 12.6 lbs
Leanne lost 10.9 lbs
You Have Nothing To Lose and So Much More To Gain!
Don't miss out on this opportunity, there are only 36 spots left! Get $992 worth of training & nutrition coaching for over 50% off!
This Could be YOU!
Maureen lost 18lbs during the Biggest Winner Challenge. She kept right on training after the challenge and 7 months later had lost a total of 41lbs and 24.5". For the first time ever LOVES training and being consistently active! 
Movimento Fitness Inc | www.movimentofitness.ca | 780-459-6684